Travels  by  Monica Mauri

"A person susceptible to wanderlust is not so much addicted to movement as committed to transformation." - Pico Iyer

Inspired by my mother's background in design, my career in fashion & luxury led me to live in London, Paris, Florence, Milan, Geneva, and New York. However it's been my passion for travel that has led me to visit over 50 countries around the world. Travel is in my genes: my grandfather was an airline pilot, my father in international business, my uncle in hospitality.

Foreign Transactions is a collection of the places I've visited to inspire your own wanderlust, and my curated guides to inform your trip planning. Fashion is my full-time job, so making the most out of my limited vacation days, budget, luggage space, and meals is what I'm after!

My lens for travel: I love a five-star hotel as much as the next person, but I first seek out authenticity and quality design over amenities or facilities. Stay in smaller, boutique hotels that support regional artisans, and are designed in the spirit of the place you’re visiting. Eat the local food and listen to a local radio station. Do not turn on the TV.

If you can, invest in convenience and comfort. Spending a bit more for expedited immigration clearance or a rental car upgrade is often times a small incremental that can make a big difference in your overall experience.

When shopping, buy local! The empty suitcase I always bring with me is to pick up products made domestically in the location I’m visiting.

Do hit up a few of the well-known sights, but spend more time in residential areas where you can live like a local. Explore the surrounding nature, learn about the endemic flora and fauna. Always teach yourself to say hello, thank you, and good bye in the native language.

I hope these tips will help you experience the best foreign transactions. To learn more, write me at 

XoXo, Monica